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gender (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]


Singular Plural
the gender the genders


gen·der, Plural: gen·ders


IPA: [], Plural: []
Hörbeispiele: —, Plural:


[1] Biologie: biologisches Geschlecht
[2] Soziologie: Gender; soziales Geschlecht, abgegrenzt zu sex, dem biologischen Geschlecht
[3] Grammatik: grammatisches Geschlecht, Genus von Nomen
[4] Grammatik, selten: Diathese, Genus verbi, Genus von Verben


[1, 2] sex
[4] diathesis, voice

Sinnverwandte Wörter:

[2] gender identity


[1] Other risk factors include parity (1st calf), gender of the calf (usually male), length of gestation (shorter than average),...[1]
[2] Medicine and the state not only restricted choices, but, intent on making sure that sex and gender matched, set about tearing off disguises, detecting errors and enforcing 'legitimate' sexual constitutions.[2]
[3] In other words, German 3rd person pronouns er ('he') and sie ('she'), for instance, cannot be determiners without a nominal complement because gender is marked on them, masculine and feminine respectively; if they are agreeing determiners then they must agree with something, and given that it is gender they agree for, this 'something' must be a noun encoding the gender feature.[3]
[3] In order to formalize a link between the form and the gender of the noun, Bernstein (1993) proposed that the stem of a noun should be decomposed...[4]
[4] „The general distinction is between three 'genders' out of the five genders of the Latin tradition: active gender, passive gender, neuter gender.“[5]


gender-free, gender-neutral, gender-related, gender-specific, genderqueer


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