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agony (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]




the agony

the agonies


ag·o·ny, Plural: ag·o·nies


IPA: [æɡənɪ], [ˈæɡəniː]
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[1] Qual
[2] Todeskampf


anguish, pang, torture, torment, distress, rack, throe, severe pain, extreme suffering


[1] "Judas was gone on his errand, and there remained but brief space for that approaching agony of mind and body, only possible to be produced by the combined divine capacity and human extremity of anguish."[1]
[2] "The agony of Christ upon the cross, dying a slow death from rabid violence among the Jews, and barbarous wounds inflicted by the Roman soldiers, to drain away the blood of life, and torture all the nerves of sense, and all the feelings of the soul within the body, is the highest illustration of the meaning of the word;…The phenomena of agony vary with the diversity of causes which result in death. In some cases, a complete prostration, and apparent calm precede the final separation of soul and body; in others, an apparent struggle sets in between all the forces of the physical and spiritual life, and violent agitation continues for a time, until it terminates in death."[2]


pile on the agony -
prolong the agony -

Charakteristische Wortkombinationen:

to be in agony
to die in agony
to suffer agony
agony aunt -
agony column
to burst into an agony of tears


agonizing, agony of grief, agony of tears


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