agony of tears

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agony of tears (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]




the agony of tears


agony of tears


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[1] Weinkrampf, Heulkrampf


zusammengesetzt aus agony und tear


[1] "No, the very essence of all human probabilities is against it." —and she burst into an agony of tears—"the most dreadful thought is this, I cannot master my dreams." [1]
[1] "Miss Gurney with difficulty pronounced "My poor Other" and burst into an agony of tears." [2]
[1] "Here again he burst into an agony of tears, and betrayed all the signs of the most excruciating grief." [3]
[1] "Her young mistress gazed upon her for an instant and burst into an agony of tears."[4]
[1] "One of the greatest, wisest, and best men of antiquity, and whose little infirmities only made him the more amiable, confesses that he never read the Pitaedon without an agony of tears." [5]

Charakteristische Wortkombinationen:

to burst into an agony of tears



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