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apron (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]




the apron

the aprons

[1] An apron as worn in day to day kitchen work
[2] An airport apron


a·pron, Plural: a·prons


IPA: [ˈeɪprən], Plural: [ˈeɪprəns]
Hörbeispiele: Lautsprecherbild apron (US-amerikanisch) (Info)


[1] Kleidungsstück: Schürze, Küchenschürze
[2] Vorfeld
[3] (Theater:) Vorbühne
[4] Talon


[3] apron stage


[1] "I took off my red silk apron, and shook it at them, like a flag, but the moment they saw it, the turkeys swelled up, the geese began to clap their wings, and to reach out towards me their long serpent-like necks, with their bills wide open, and hissing. . . ."[1]
[2] "The highest ammonia concentrations were found in wastewater samples collected at Albany International Airport, which reported using urea for deicing a newly constructed apron near the passenger terminal."[2]
[3] "Also on the stage, a church is arranged and a stool is placed at one side on the apron stage, to represent Margaret's house."[3]
[4] "The Apron of black silk or satin now worn by the Bishops of the English Church, as a part of their ordinary every day costume, is derived, probably, from the Gremial, which was formerly placed in the lap of a Bishop when sitting during the celebration of the Mass.".[4]

Charakteristische Wortkombinationen:

to put an apron on - eine Schürze umbinden


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