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chapman (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]


Singular Plural
the chapman the chapmen
[A chapman selling cherries.]


chap·man, Plural: chap·men


IPA: []


[1] veraltet: der Kaufmann
[2] veraltet: der Kunde, Käufer
[3] veraltet: Hausierer


[3] "A single act of selling a parcel of silk handkerchiefs to a particular person, is not a proof that he was such a hawker, pedlar, or petty chapman, as ought to take out a licence, by virtue of the acts of parliament."[1]
[3] "Sattens and jewels, she sells divine virtues,
As virginity, modesty, and such rare
Gems, and those not like a petty chapman,
By retail, but like a great merchant, by
Wholesale, ha, ha, ho. And who are her customers?"[2]


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