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Bot edits[Bearbeiten]

Hi Carsrac, your bot shouldn't change the position of interwiki links. See for instance where it moved them to the end of the page. Thank you for your understanding, —Pill (Kontakt) 18:13, 14. Nov. 2009 (MEZ) (ah, and could you please add a link to Carsrac's user page pointing to a talk page of yours on your homwiki or so, so that it is easier to contact you?)

  • My bot does follow the standard behaviour of the pywikipedia bots. If you want to change that please report a bug at the programmers of pywikipedia software. Carsrac (Diskussion) 17:21, 17. Nov. 2009 (MEZ)

Interwiki links[Bearbeiten]

Hello. I assume you are better at English than German. You have modified interwiki links that are redirections in aujourd’hui, but that modification is not valid because we always use exactly the same page name for interwiki links on the Wiktionary. If you have a question, please write me at fr:Discussion utilisateur:TAKASUGI Shinji. (I wrote the same message on the Chinese and Greek versions.) - TAKASUGI Shinji 15:16, 4. Mär. 2010 (MEZ)