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impowre (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]


Zeitform Person Wortform
simple present I, you, they impowre
he, she, it impowres
simple past   impowred
present participle   impowring
past participle   impowred

Alternative Schreibweisen:

nicht mehr benutzte Form von empower


impowre, Partizip Perfekt: impowred, Partizip Präsens: impowr·ing


IPA: [], Partizip Perfekt: [], Partizip Präsens: []
Hörbeispiele: —, Partizip Perfekt: —, Partizip Präsens:


[1] veraltet: Kraft verleihen, Einfluss verleihen
[2] veraltet: Wahlauftrag geben


[1] "Now I do here by impowre Mr. Zachary Baggs, in case the said debt is not fully dischargd before Michaelmas next, to stop what money he shall hereafter have in his hands of mine, upon the playing my first play till this aforesaid debt of six pound be dischargd."[1]
[1] "It has been thought that Vaughan meant in-pour rather than empower; but impower and impowre are both possible seventeenth century spellings of empower."[2]
[2] "The towne at this publique meetinge doe confirme the said grant or libertie and doe impowre the Selectmen to agree and make such further order as they shall judge necessary respecting the said Bridge, the proprietors bearinge the charge thereof."[3]


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