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governess (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]




the governess

the governesses


gov·ern·ess, Plural: gov·ern·ess·es


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Hörbeispiele: Lautsprecherbild governess (US-amerikanisch) (Info)


[1] Gouvernante, Hauslehrerin
[2] veraltet: Gouverneurin, Herrscherin


[1] "Moreover, I wanted to try and right the wrongs of the Disney film, which, while making this governess very popular, reduced her intriguing nature to a spoonful of sugar and much frivolity."[1]
[1] "'You do need a governess, Tim Colton, if you mean to act like a spoiled child."[2]
[1] "The rise and fall of the English governess, the domestic heroine who inspired Victorian literature’s greatest authors."[3]
[2] ""'Well, governess-she was the female heir to the seat of governorship.'… 'I mean, if this governess woman is really a threat to his country, he'll have to help me get Curtis back!'"[4]


governessy, subgoverness, undergoverness


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