fall ill

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fall ill (Englisch)[Bearbeiten]

Wortverbindung, Verb[Bearbeiten]

Zeitform Person Wortform
simple present I, you, they fall ill
he, she, it falls ill
simple past   fell ill
present participle   fallen ill
past participle   fell ill


fall ill, Partizip Perfekt: fallen ill, Partizip Präsens: fall·ing ill


IPA: [fɔːl ɪl], Partizip Perfekt: [ˈfɔːlən ɪl], Partizip Präsens: [ˈfɔːlɪŋ ɪl]
Hörbeispiele: —, Partizip Perfekt: —, Partizip Präsens:


[1] erkranken, krank werden


zusammengesetzt aus fall und ill


[1] fall sick, become sick, become ill


[1] "Fears grew Wednesday that more medical workers may have been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus after a second Dallas nurse fell ill and health officials scrambled to alert scores of airline passengers who had been on a jet with her."[1]
[1] "As a second nurse fell ill in Dallas, the union representing thousands of Massachusetts nurses sounded alarms Wednesday about the adequacy of Ebola preparations at hospitals in the state. "[2]
[1] "I returned to the country on August 3 because one of my fellow physicians, Kent Brantly, had fallen ill with the Ebola virus."[3]


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