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Aa1bb2cc3dd4ee5 → Didym[Bearbeiten]

 Erledigt Benutzer in Didym umbenannt. --Baisemain (Diskussion) 14:22, 1. Jan 2013 (MEZ)

Anonim.one → Absconditus[Bearbeiten]

I've encountered some difficulties while trying to rename your account. You seem to have already created the new account which may cuase a problem. Right now I don't know how to fix this. It may take some days to come up with a solution. --Baisemain (Diskussion) 22:17, 4. Feb 2013 (MEZ)
Obviously the account "Absconditus" in dewikt is mine (was created automatically) as it is attached to the SUL which I own. Workaround is renaming it to smth else (e.g. Absconditus-SUL) and then "Anonim.one" to "Absconditus". ♪ anonim.one ♪ 22:37, 4. Feb 2013 (MEZ)

 Erledigt --Baisemain (Diskussion) 18:25, 28. Mär. 2013 (MEZ)Antworten[Antworten]

Blackjogger → TourEiffel[Bearbeiten]

 Erledigt --Baisemain (Diskussion) 18:31, 28. Mär. 2013 (MEZ)Antworten[Antworten]

Nikcro32 → Der Krommodore[Bearbeiten]

 Erledigt --Baisemain (Diskussion) 19:48, 18. Apr. 2013 (MESZ)Antworten[Antworten]

Kirikou → Akiry[Bearbeiten]

 Erledigt --Baisemain (Diskussion) 00:09, 25. Apr. 2013 (MESZ)Antworten[Antworten]

Perke Jacobs → User12345[Bearbeiten]

 Erledigt --Baisemain (Diskussion) 10:03, 14. Jul 2013 (MESZ)

None → Alan (Übernahme)[Bearbeiten]

User informed about request [3]. Elleff Groom ➜ Коллоквиум 14:16, 8. Okt. 2013 (MESZ).Antworten[Antworten]
Former account Alan is now renamed Alan-SUL. You should now be able to attach this local account to your global account. Elleff Groom ➜ Коллоквиум 17:59, 18. Okt. 2013 (MESZ).Antworten[Antworten]
Thanks for all! --Alan (talk) 14:19, 20. Okt. 2013 (MESZ)Antworten[Antworten]

لطرش أحمد الهاشمي → لطرش احمد الهاشمي[Bearbeiten]

Current Name: لطرش احمد الهاشمي

Reaname to:لطرش أحمد الهاشمي (contribslogsRenaming)

Reason:i want the same name in all wikimedia project

Confirmation:en:Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Changing username/Simple/Archive151#لطرش أحمد الهاشمي → لطرش احمد الهاشمي

--لطرش احمد الهاشمي (Diskussion) 16:18, 16. Dez. 2013 (MEZ)Antworten[Antworten]

 Erledigt (=done), you can now attach the local account لطرش أحمد الهاشمي to your global account. Elleff Groom ⁓ ☞ Коллоквиум 22:34, 16. Dez. 2013 (MEZ)Antworten[Antworten]